Annual Fund Appeal - Help us raise £100,000 for 2017/18

Subsidy and ticket sales only provide just over 60% of the Hall’s overall income: the remainder comes from philanthropic support, without which the scope of our programming would be compromised.

© Benjamin EalovegaHelp us keep this enormously valuable musical heritage alive and well for future generations of artists and audiences.

The Wigmore Hall Annual Fund was created to provide our audience members with the opportunity to make a gift of any amount and, in so doing, ensure that our programme can remain as vibrant and engaging as ever. We are immensely grateful to you for supporting us in any way that you can.


A gift of any size is a great help to us.

  • £2,000 plus would allow us to film and broadcast a concert or Learning event
  • £1,000 would pay for two full-day workshops led by Wigmore Hall Learning musicians in a hospital, school or residential home
  • £500 would help us heat and light the Hall for one day
  • £350 would cover the cost of an in-house audio recording for our Archive or future release
  • £100 would cover one pre-concert piano tune – and these happen nearly every day
  • £50 would provide 10 tickets for anyone under the age of 35 at concerts throughout the year

Thank you for all that you do for us,
John Gilhooly
Director of Wigmore Hall