Friday 7 July 2017 7:30PM

Louise Alder; Katharina Ruckgaber; Katie Bray; Anna Huntley; Bethan Langford; Sholto Kynoch

Schubert and Women's Voices

Additional notes

Change of Artists

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ruby Hughes (soprano) is unable to perform in the above concert. She will be replaced by Katharina Ruckgaber (soprano).
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, Clara Mouriz (mezzo-soprano) is no longer able to take part in the above concert. She will be replaced by Bethan Langford (mezzo-soprano).
  • Archived

    • Louise Alder soprano
    • Katharina Ruckgaber soprano
    • Katie Bray mezzo-soprano
    • Anna Huntley mezzo-soprano
    • Bethan Langford mezzo-soprano
    • Sholto Kynoch piano

    Schubert’s songs for female vocal ensemble contain some of his most inspired invention, spanning everything from the ethereal harmonies of Psalm 23 to the sublime part-writing of ‘Gott in der Natur’.

    Sholto Kynoch, founder and director of the Oxford Lieder Festival, is joined by an outstanding team of young singers in a programme guaranteed to deliver musical surprises and delights.

    • Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
          • Quell'innocente figlio D17/1
          • Misero pargoletto D42
          • Thekla: eine Geisterstimme D73
        • Der vierjährige Posten D190
          • Gott! Höre meine Stimme
          • Das Abendrot D236
          • Das Leben D269
          • Lilla an die Morgenröte D273
          • Lied D284
          • Vaterlandslied D287
          • Lambertine D301
          • Lorma I D327
          • Lied 'Mutter geht durch ihre Kammern' D373
          • Lorma II D376
          • Daphne am Bach D411
          • Aus Diego Manazares D458
          • Wiegenlied D498
          • Phidile D500
          • Vedi quanto adoro D510
    • Interval
          • Blanka (Das Mädchen) D631
          • Das Mädchen D652
          • Psalm 23 D706
          • Johanna Sebus (fragment) D728
          • Gott in der Natur D757
          • Lied der Anne Lyle D830
          • Coronach (Totengesang der Frauen und Mädchen) D836
          • Ständchen D920b

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