Introducing the 2022/23 Pathways Cohort

Wed 26 Oct 2022

Wigmore Hall Learning is delighted to present the new cohort of trainees across our Pathways programme, including our Trainee Music Leader, Trainee Learning Assistant, RAM Fellowship Ensemble, Wigmore Hall Learning Composer, Early Years and Music for Life schemes!

This year’s cohort, made up of early career musicians, workshop leaders and producers will develop their skills and confidence in leading, managing and supporting participatory, creative music practice across the Wigmore Hall Learning programme.

Introducing our 2023/23 Trainee Music Leader: Rihab Azar

"I'm a Syrian oud player and music facilitator. I'm very interested in the relationship between feeling safe and valued, creativity and people opening up to collective music-making as a medium to exercise and inspire inclusive and equitable social connections. What I'm looking forward to in my traineeship as a music leader is to learn how I can create and facilitate spaces that invite the above"

Introducing our 2023/23 Trainee Learning Assistants: Chiara and Isaiah

“I’m a musician, writer, and multi-disciplinary performer. I’ve taken part in and/or facilitated various participatory arts events and am a passionate believer in the significance such events can have to individuals and communities. I’m looking forward to being a part of such a collaborative team, and to developing a better understanding and implementation of reflective practice. And I’m especially looking forward to learning how to produce participatory arts events which are ideologically and structurally rooted in equity and accessibility.”

“I'm a music and theatre freelancer with a passion for access and inclusion. When I'm not facilitating, writing musicals, acting or working at Wigmore, I am probably watching an episode of Star Trek. I'm looking forward to supporting the organising of a Wigmore Hall Learning event from start to finish.”

Introducing our 2023/23 Rosie Johnson Wigmore Hall Learning Composer: Florence Maunders

“I'm a British composer, educator & performer, and over the last three or four years I've been able to create some of the music that I've been wanting to compose for ages, and it's amazing at the moment to continue to get opportunities to work with incredible musicians to make new sounds together.

I'm especially excited about this current opportunity to work with the wonderful Wigmore Hall and the amazing Kyan Quartet - it's fabulous to be included as a part of the Learning team, and I'm really looking forward to sharing some of my experience in teaching & leading workshops as well as gaining some more new experiences too!”

Introducing our 2023/23 Royal Academy of Music / Wigmore Hall Fellowship Ensemble: Kyan Quartet

“We are the Kyan String Quartet, four friends who met in London at the Royal Academy of Music. We are beyond excited to share our love of music with others, and we can't wait to be part of such a nurturing community that will expand and fine-tune our skills in community engagement.”
Naomi, Sydney, Suzie and Simon

Introducing our 22/23 Trainee Support Musicians for the Chamber Tots: Early Years Training and Development Scheme

In collaboration with music leaders and with the support of mentors, the Trainee Support Musicians will develop their skills in music making with 1 – 5 year-olds, also gaining insight into the planning and development process.This opportunity aims to build experience in child-led music making and the creation of inspiring sessions for participating families.

Lila Bhattacherjee

Ruihan Kee

Anna Phillips

Jenna Raggett

Stefanos Zafeiriadis

Ormonde Ensemble
Isaac Prince
Cara Houghton
Helena Mackie
Bruce Parris
Alec Ross

“Applying for the Early Years Training and Development scheme presented the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience regarding interactive methods and practices of music learning, playing and exploration. I look forward to the training sessions to create music, improvise and experiment together with children, parents and fellow musicians alike.”

“I am so excited to be a Chamber Tots Trainee at Wigmore Hall. Through participating in this scheme, I hope to step outside of my comfort zone, develop my creativity and workshop skills and expand on previous experiences working in the early years sector. I can’t wait to meet and work with the other trainee musicians, to learn from the wonderful workshop leaders and to work in a space which aligns with my own values. I am also really looking forward to meeting the tots participating in the workshops and creating a magical world full of music-making alongside the Chamber Tots team.”

Introducing our 22/23 Trainee Support Musicians and Trainee Vocal Leaders for the Music for Life: Training and Development Scheme

Each trainee will be supported throughout the year by leaders and mentors from the Music for Life team. Our three Trainee Support Musicians will develop skills in supporting improvisation-based creative music sessions while the two Trainee Vocal Leaders will gain vocal leading experience with our Singing with Friends choir.

Trainee Support Musicians:

Andrew Sherwin
Frank Walker

Trainee Vocal Leaders:

Lucy Duncan
Rebekah Milns

“I’m so excited to learn more about how improvisation can be used as a tool to reach out and engage with marginalised groups in our society.”

“It's hard to put into words what an amazing experience it's been getting involved with the Singing with Friends choir. There have been moments in each and every session that will stay with me for a long time. I've felt supported by everyone involved to share songs in a way that felt intuitive and playful - the best way to learn.”