Introducing the 2023/24 Pathways Cohort

Fri 17 Nov 2023

Wigmore Hall Learning is delighted to present the new cohort of trainees across our Pathways programme, including our Trainee Music Leader, Trainee Learning Assistant, RAM Fellowship Ensemble, Wigmore Hall Learning Composer, Early Years and Music for Life schemes!

This year’s cohort, made up of early career musicians, workshop leaders and producers will develop their skills and confidence in leading, managing and supporting participatory, creative music practice across the Wigmore Hall Learning programme. Read more about the Pathways schemes here.

Introducing our 2023/24 Trainee Music Leader: Mila Serneabat Ungar

I have always loved the idea of community based workshops that use music to build collaborative and creative, safe spaces. I am looking forward to the opportunities to broaden my experience with different types of musical projects and improve my workshop leading skills. I hope to be able to gain the knowledge and techniques that will help me in pursuing a career in community music and ultimately help as many people as possible using these skills.

Introducing our 2023/24 Trainee Learning Assistant: Hannah Stevens

I have had an interesting start to my early career journey but finding the TLA role felt like a blessing in plain sight. Although I do not have a background in music, there is so much I have learned from Wigmore Hall’s Learning team around good practice and striving to make a workplace, and by extension programmes that are inclusive and reflective of all Londoners. My hopes for the rest of the year are to continue to learn from the amazing people on the learning team, so I can move forward with my career in the culture and heritage sector’s learning arena, living up to the working excellence I am surrounded by week in week out. I truly believe that by the end of the year my time as TLA will have laid a solid foundation for me to confidently take into any institute and excel.

Introducing our 2023/24 RPS / Wigmore Hall Learning Composer: Anjelica Cleaver

I'm so excited to musically delve into ideas of resonance, emergence and coherence which I've been conceptionally fascinated with for a while and waiting to find a musical language for. I hope to try combining lots of my different backgrounds, from jazz harmony, contemporary soundscapes and romantic melodies. This will also be my first time exploring extended techniques for a string quartet.

Introducing our 2023/24 Royal Academy of Music / Wigmore Hall Learning Fellowship Ensemble: Asaka Quartet

We are so looking forward to working with all of the different learning and outreach departments at the Wigmore Hall this year and working with and meeting people who share our belief that music is an essential tool for expression, communication and connection and should be available to absolutely everyone. We are most looking forward to sharing and making music with people of all ages and backgrounds and can’t wait to learn from all of the people that we meet and make music with this year.

Introducing our 2023/24 Trainee Support Musicians for the Chamber Tots: Early Years Training and Development Scheme

In collaboration with music leaders and with the support of mentors, the Trainee Support Musicians will develop their skills in music making with 1 – 5 year-olds, also gaining insight into the planning and development process. This opportunity aims to build experience in child-led music making and the creation of inspiring sessions for participating families.

Esther Beyer - harp
Lizzie Bonsell - piano
Hannah Blumsohn - oboe
Chrissie Johnson - violin
Hugo Tsung Lau - clarinet

Larisa Trio:
Jasmin Allpress - piano
Eliette Harris - violin
Rosie Spinks - cello

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage with early-year children through music in a non-verbal manner, allowing me to explore their boundless creativity through child-led music activities. I am equally excited about collaborating with fellow musicians and leaders to craft an enriching musical journey for both the children and their families.


I am really looking forward to being part of the Chamber Tots Scheme! I love working with families, babies and young children, as I believe that early access to music is crucial in creating inclusive musical spaces. I’m hoping to gain more experience in effectively facilitating co-creative music, and especially in taking leads from non-verbal contributions. I am excited to work together with different musicians and workshop leaders and can’t wait to see what the year has in store!


Introducing our 2023/24 Trainee Support Musician and Trainee Vocal Leader for the Music for Life Training and Development Scheme

Each trainee will be supported throughout the year by leaders and mentors from the Music for Life team. Our Trainee Support Musician will develop skills in supporting improvisation-based creative music sessions while the Trainee Vocal Leader will gain vocal leading experience with our Singing with Friends choir.

Katie Sazanova (Trainee Support Musician)
Julia Sherlock (Trainee Vocal Leader)

I am so excited to be joining the Music for Life team this year. I can’t wait to take part in such an inspiring and forward-thinking scheme, working alongside a variety of music leaders and musicians to support those living with dementia.


I am beyond thrilled to start as the new vocal lead with the Music for Life Training and Development Scheme. I feel honoured and privileged to get the chance to work alongside such amazing people and help enrich the lives of others through singing!


Introducing our 2023/24 Early Career Placement Trainee (Chamber Tots): Shakira Malkani

I'm excited to work with Wigmore Hall facilitators to learn more about working with and inspiring 1-5 year-olds using sound and music. This training opportunity is going to help further my development as a creative workshop facilitator.

Introducing our 2023/24 Early Career Placement Trainee (Monday Afternoons, Music for Life): Josie Campbell

I am enjoying working with Monday Afternoons so much and feel that I have gained many valuable leadership and musicianship skills. Every week I get more comfortable as an improviser and leader. I especially love getting to connect with the participants before and during each session.