Archived Event

Recommended for families with children aged 5-11 but all ages welcome!
Family Workshop at Home: Faraway Habitats
Wed 14 Apr 2021, 11.00am
The workshop will be 1 hour in duration


  • Lucy Dreverpresenter
  • Rosie Bergonzipercussion
  • Nadia Javedguitar


Travel with music leader Lucy Drever alongside musicians Rosie Bergonzi and Nadia Javed, as we discover the diverse climates, animals, and landscapes of four habitats around the world! Work together as a team to create a new piece of music inspired by rainforests, deserts, oceans, and the Antarctic – all within one hour! Families are encouraged to participate together (that includes grown-ups too!).

Click here for pre-workshop activities. This activity is optional and won't affect your ability to take part