Calefax Reed Quintet
Image credit: © Merlijn Doomernik

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Bach, Burleigh, Debussy, Dvořák and Gershwin
Calefax Reed Quintet
Mon 13 May 2024, 1.00pm
Archived Event

This concert will be approximately 1 hour in duration, without an interval



  • Calefax Reed Quintet
    • Oliver Boekhoornoboe
    • Bart de Katerclarinet
    • Raaf Hekkemasaxophone
    • Jelte Althuisbass clarinet
    • Alban Weslybassoon


      • String Quintet in E flat Op. 97
      • Allegro non tanto (arranged by Jelte Althuis)
      • Allegro vivo (arranged by Jelte Althuis)
      • Southland Sketches
      • Allegretto grazioso (arranged by Jelte Althuis)
      • Préludes Book II
      • La puerta del vino (arranged by Raaf Hekkema)
      • Préludes Book I
      • Minstrels (arranged by Raaf Hekkema)
      • La sérénade interrompue (arranged by Raaf Hekkema)
      • Préludes Book II
      • General Lavine - eccentric (arranged by Raaf Hekkema)


The Times has described the ensemble as ‘five extremely gifted Dutch gents who almost made the reed quintet seem the best musical format on the planet’. Though new works form part of its repertoire for the unique combination of oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon, here it offers a variety of arrangements.

This concert is part of the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust ticket scheme, offering free tickets to those aged 8-25

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