Jocelyn Campbell

Archived Event

Wigmore Hall Voices of Today: Jocelyn Campbell
Riot Ensemble; Aaron Holloway-Nahum conductor
Sat 29 Jun 2024, 1.00pm
Archived Event

This concert will be approximately 1 hour in duration, without an interval



  • Jocelyn Campbellcomposer
  • Riot Ensemble
    • Aaron Holloway-Nahumconductor


    1. Commissioned by Wigmore Hall (with the generous support of the Marchus Trust and the Wigmore Hall Endowment Fund)


    Among the lasting fruits of the lockdown period is a series of works commissioned by the Hall which are now ready for performance, and which will be threaded throughout the next four seasons.

    'f o r e v e r 1 9 9 0 is a fluid collage of musical fragments from different pieces and songs written across my life; all heard softly in a lucid dream. One, unbroken, shapeshifting, soft, serpentine, liquid monolith in sound.' - Jocelyn Campbell

    This concert is part of the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust ticket scheme, offering free tickets to those aged 8-25

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