Cookie Policy

Our website does not allow anyone else to track you

In developing and maintaining this website, we take special care to respect the privacy of our audiences, Friends, donors, staff and trustees.

We do not allow tracking cookies from advertising or social networks anywhere on our site.

Nor do we use Google Analytics to analyse how our site is being used, because whilst that service is free, Google would then track you and use analytics data about your visit to target advertising to you.

We do monitor how our site is being used, but we use a self-hosted and maintained analytics suite (Matomo):

  • The data we collect is purely technical - your Internet address, the device and software used to access our site, the pages visited and actions taken
  • The data we collect is privately and securely stored on our own systems, which we pay for ourselves

We do place some cookies. Here is a list of them and what they do:

ga_, intercom_device, intercom_id, BEAMER_USER_ID, AMP, CookieConsent, abck, gcl_au,

These are placed by, who provide the cookie management function on our site. They enable you to choose which cookies you are happy to accept.


This is placed by Wigmore Hall. It is used to manage your session on the website. Without it, the website would not work for you.


This determines the device used to access the website. We use this data ensure that content and pages are delivered in the correct format for your device.

_pk_id# and _pk_ses#

These help us to collect statistics on your visits to the website, such as the number of visits, average time spent on the website and what pages have been requested. It is used by our private analytics software and generates usage data which helps us decide how to arrange the pages, give you the best view of what we have to offer and to ensure that pages load as quickly as possible.


This stores a little bit of data that helps us identify your customer record on our site, if you have one, so that we can better serve video.


This is placed to ensure that you are not bothered by messages that you have already seen, like the Donate message on our live stream and video library pages.