Cookie Policy

Why are there cookies on our site?

In developing and maintaining our website, we have taken special care to respect the privacy of our audiences, Friends, donors, staff and trustees.

We do not use Google Analytics to analyse how our site is being used, because whilst that service is free, Google would then track you and use the analytics data for advertising.

We do not allow blanket, site-wide tracking cookies from advertising or social networks.

We do monitor how our site is being used, but we use a self-hosted and maintained analytics suite (Matomo):

  • The data we collect is purely technical - your Internet address, the device and software used to access our site, the pages visited and actions taken
  • The data we collect is privately and securely stored on our own systems, which we pay for ourselves

When you first visit our site, in line with data protection regulations, you will see a 'cookie banner' which informs you in detail about the cookies that may be dropped on your device, and you will be given the options to learn more about them, and accept or reject them individually or by category. Your preferences are then retained (in a cookie, ironically) and respected when you return.

Like any cultural organisation of our size and reach, we put externally hosted technologies like YouTube videos, job application forms and table reservation services on some of our website's pages. We always consider the implications to your privacy before we do this. These services use their own cookies for functionality, analytics or tracking, which are described below, along with those that Wigmore Hall uses.

Cookie list (last updated 21-12-2023)