Günther Groissböck
Image credit: © Dominik Stixenberger

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A Man's Love and Life
Günther Groissböck bass; Malcolm Martineau piano
Fri 22 Sep 2023, 7.30pm
Archived Event

This concert will be approximately 2 hours in duration, including an interval



  • Günther Groissböckbass
  • Malcolm Martineaupiano



      • Wie bist du, meine Königin Op. 32 No. 9
      • Nicht mehr zu dir zu gehen Op. 32 No. 2
      • Dein blaues Auge hält so still Op. 59 No. 8
      • Die Mainacht Op. 43 No. 2
      • Unbewegte laue Luft Op. 57 No. 8
      • O wüsst ich doch den Weg zurück Op. 63 No. 8
      • Again, as before, alone Op. 73 No. 6
      • None but the lonely heart Op. 6 No. 6
      • Reconciliation Op. 25 No. 1
      • Amid the din of the ball Op. 38 No. 3
      • Don Juan's Serenade Op. 38 No. 1



Frauenliebe und -leben / A Woman‘s Love and Life: Who does not know this gem from the pen of Robert Schumann, one of the most famous song cycles, based on texts by Adelbert de Chamisso, poetically and musically experiencing a woman’s emotional world from her first love to the death of her husband?

On his return to Wigmore Hall, Günther Groissböck, together with Malcolm Martineau at the piano, explores the intense feelings, the courtship and suffering of the loving man. He sings about longing and desire, devotion and passion, captured in words by famous poets like Heinrich Heine and Eduard Mörike, and perfected in the melodies of Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann. In the deepest feelings about the diversity of love, the happy lover dives into this cosmos just as much as the longing lover, or the one remembering the departed. 

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