Come and Create

Creative music making activities to do at home for young people aged 15 and above.

Recommended Age: 15 plus

This collection of music making activities is inspired by and created with Wigmore Hall’s band, Come and Create.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the band met online over Zoom every two weeks. We faced a massive challenge. How do you create music together online? How do you create music at home on your own?

Challenge accepted. We experimented and found loads of ways to make music together online. We searched our homes and environments for sounds and inspiration and met online to share, improvise, and create new music together.

We thought this was too good to keep to ourselves and decided to share what we learnt with the rest of the world in this collection of activities and tools for creative music making at home.

You don’t need any musical experience or instruments (but bring them along if you do!)

We hope you enjoy it!

Come and Create Band


Written by:
Detta Danford
Luke Newby
The Come & Create Band

Edited and produced by:
Benjamin Redmayne
Wigmore Hall Learning

Illustrated and Designed by:
Imo Stanley

© Copyright Wigmore Hall Learning 2021