Create your own Musical World

Find inspiration from this activity to create your own musical world at home.

Looking for some creative inspiration for you and your children or pupils? Try this free resource created by our Chamber Tots leaders, Lucy Drever and Esther Sheridan. Make your own instruments, find inspiration around the home, and compose your own musical adventure with your child, or encourage online learners to do the same from their own homes.

The ‘Create your own Musical World’ project was a great success with our Year 6s in the first week of home learning. It was accessible to everyone and the children were really imaginative and creative in their approach to finding instruments and using body percussion to produce sounds. They were able to share their finished compositions on our learning platform, giving an opportunity for performance, collaboration and feedback. This was a fantastic way to get the pupils engaged and motivated in this new style of education we are all now exploring.


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Written by Lucy Drever and Esther Sheridan with Wigmore Hall Learning
Designed by Susannah Swift Design