Songwriting with Abimaro Gunnell

Songwriting activity to do at home for young people aged 15 and above.

Recommended Age: 15 plus

Created by singer/songwriter Abimaro Gunnell, this activity will guide you through the basics of song writing in three parts. By the end of the activity, you’ll have created your own lyrics and melody and will have the chance to experiment further.

You will need:

No experience is needed, and anyone can give it a go!

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Record yourself singing or submit your lyrics and melody on our activity Padlet or, if you used the SongMaker, hit save and submit your unique link on the activity Padlet.

Written by:
Abimaro Gunnell

Edited and produced by:
Benjamin Redmayne
Wigmore Hall Learning

Illustrated and design by:
Imo Stanley

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