Family and Schools Concert: Butterfly Brain

In Butterfly Brain, Gus goes on a journey with his butterfly, visiting his memories. There are some lovely ones and some quite scary ones, though we learn why they are scary and what they really mean by the end of the concert.

Recommended Age: 7–11 / Key Stage 2

‘STOP LEANING BACK ON YOUR CHAIR!' Are the same six words, in the same particular order, that Gus is told every day from his teacher, his Dad and granny but NEVER EVER hears. Until one day, something rather extraordinary happens…

In an exhilarating flight of fantasy and magic written by Laura Dockrill with music composed by Kerry Andrew, this cautionary tale explores all the curiously obscure, brilliant and bizarre dreams, thoughts, ideas and fears inside a brain and how one little boy takes those wonderful things for granted. Butterfly Brain is a wild explosion of colour, sound, and the imagination.

Activity Suggestion:

We love the Making a Memory Layer Rap activity in the resource pack on page 5. Originally designed for schools, this activity can easily be adapted for home.

Before the concert, think about your happiest memories and saddest memories and create a mind-map of your ideas.

Then, follow the instructions on page 5 to create your own rap and add actions.

For further activities, see the free Schools Concert resource for this concert



Kerry Andrew; Composer
Laura Dockrill; Writer
Sarah Dacey; Voice
Beth Higham-Edwards; Percussion
Laura Moody; Cello
Morag Galloway; Director
Piers Hampton; Actor

Resource pack:

Written by Kerry Andrews
Designed by Susannah Swift Design