Family and Schools Concert with Nicola Benedetti

World-renowned violinist Nicola Benedetti, pianist Alison Rhind and presenter Lucy Drever perform a concert inspired by landscapes and stories from across the UK

Recommended Age: 7–11 / Key Stage 2

In this concert inspired by landscapes, stories and people from across the UK, we invite you to discover a song about home, and to explore works by composers who were so inspired by their home that they wrote music to tell the story of these special places.

Activity Suggestion - Write a song with Lucy!

Lucy hasn’t quite finished writing her song about animals and their homes. Can you help to write one of the verses? Watch and listen to Lucy singing the chorus


The birds up in the trees,
the fish in the sea;
cats and dogs keeping warm,
by the fire. 

Can you write a verse for the song? Listen to the melody here.

  • Think of an animal
  • Where might they live?
  • What might they be doing?


The elephants in the zoo are running around.
Animals at home,
Animals at home!

Can you think of some actions for your new verse? Or maybe even a dance!

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