Solace Women’s Aid

Solace Women’s Aid aims to end harm done through gender-based violence and provide services to those who have experienced domestic abuse, in particular women and children.

We have been leading creative music workshops with their supported accommodation teams since 2016.

Our experienced musicians lead workshops in refuges with women and children who have experienced domestic abuse, using singing and creative music making to improve wellbeing and provide a space in which women and children can have fun together and express themselves creatively.

Throughout the partnership, we’ve witnessed first-hand how utilising music making can contribute to an increased sense of wellbeing and confidence, rekindle connections within with families and build relationships with other families.

"The children would look forward to the workshop and ask me when the musicians were next coming to the refuge – it was something for both women and children to look forward to. The women often tell me that they are not sure how to entertain their children / they get bored; being able to offer something so fun within the refuge is amazing."

Family Support Worker

The workshops made me feel “calm, happy, and joyful”

Child From A Refuge

[I enjoyed] the music we made and the love [it] gave to us

Mother From A Refuge